Victor Victorian


As much as I love heels and platforms for brides on their wedding day, lord knows they’ve done wonders for my stature over the years, I cannot extoll the virtues of manly shoes enough. Of course they’re comfortable, that goes without saying. But what they lack in inches they miraculously add in swagger and cool. Yes, I just said that, and I do believe it to be true. As a convert, I do feel cool and kind of swaggery in my man shoes, on occasion.

So how does that square for a bride looking for pretty wedding day shoes? Just add lots of lovely white lace. And if you’re the design team at Givenchy, don’t forget that edgy touch of shiny chrome studs along the perimeter. These brogues are so charming, they’re like a modern version of something old, an update from another century when women’s shoes were mainly of the high-throated lace-up, slightly fetish-looking variety, hidden under long skirts and only ever visible to her object of affection. Just pair them with matching frilly naughty-knickers (you know what I’m talking about) under that big old satin ball gown for an extra special wedding night kick.  Take a lesson from those Victorian chicks, they knew how to party. Man shoes and all.

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