Sweet and Sour

Easter and Passover are upon us, so what better way to celebrate than with some equally sweet, and in this case subversively sour, season-appropriate accessories? Skip all those messy hand-colored eggs, calorific chocolate bunnies and sugary peeps for some serious grown-up treats that are way better than any short-lived sugar-high could ever be.

Jun Takahashi’s Undercover collection for Spring 2015 ticks all the right boxes for charming and cheeky, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find there’s definitely a dark side. It ain’t all sugar-coated. Pretty pastels are clearly at odds with the hellish Hieronymus Bosch-inspired print that winds its way throughout the collection. Plastic jewels sport budding blossoms that look more like flesh-eating flowers than your typical spring bouquet. Look out! Sharp, pointed vines firmly grip bare arms and legs and even though they’re all fashioned in prissy pastel shades, Black Swan ballerina headpieces eerily evoke dangerous, thorny crowns.

Topping it all off, and why not, is literally a cheery cherry-on-top in the form of a shiny double-delight cherry purse and the sweetest cherrified flats. Permission to indulge, but proceed with caution.









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