Sole Sister

As we inch slowly into September, it’s clear that fall has arrived whether we like it or not. Time to pull out our vast sea of seasonal black clothing, black handbags and black shoes. Or maybe not so fast, not if designer Paula Cademartori has something to say about it. The reigning Queen of the colorful, collage, couture handbag has made the inevitable move from purses to shoes this season. Women everywhere should be ever-grateful.

Breaking out of the mold of wearing a safe shoe in a safe neutral is no small task, but when you find a shoe this happy, this full of life and color, you must admit it’s at the very least, tempting. Brazilian-born, Italy-based Cademartori has made a career out of designing purses in eye-popping color-blocks, bold graphic motifs and her signature, unique collage effect. Logically, all those colors and patterns should never go together, and certainly not all on one handbag, or shoe. Right? But if anyone can prove you wrong in this department it’s Cademartori. Her singular vision, her deft connection and instinct for what’s right is so right-on that she’s created quite an accessory sensation, and of course, spurning right along with it, plenty of not-so-timid imitators.

While I do love the idea of wearing head-to-toe color, that’s not an easy feat to pull off. But you can pull off one of Cademartori’s new statement heels to refresh an all-black look. Her lace-up boot is one part Victorian spinster and one part Moulin Rouge courtesan with a sexy narrow toe, a spaghetti-strap skinny-lace-up front that exposes just the right amount of sexy skin in a trim, narrow shape that flatters its way up the leg. But the best part is the painterly mix of color and pattern that seamlessly works its way around each shoe with extraordinary 360 degree detailing.

Sensational in every way, Cademartori’s new shoes are like mini works of art for your feet. Can’t you feel it right down to your sole?


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