Sneaker Pimps

I guess we can thank designer Isabel Marant for elevating the lowly sneaker to high fashion status with the massive success of her Bekket hi-top wedge several seasons ago. Since then sneakers have been inching their way into our wardrobes, very carefully seducing us with eye-catching design, the most covetable labels, one-off collectible collaborations and of course, comfort. Oh yeah, that.

What sealed the deal for me late last year (so, I was late to the party!) was seeing none other than Rei Kawakubo herself at her Comme des Garcons boutique in New York. She was wearing her typical cool black ensem consisting of a long pleated skirt and blazer strapped in with one of her leather shoulder harnesses. On her feet? Why black Nike’s of course, runner kicks with a simple white swoosh. Statement not statement, if you know what I mean.

Since then, I have not really been able to delete that image from my brain. I’ve never personally favored the wearing of sneakers with real fashion, mostly due to the fact that at max I’m 5 feet tall, but standing next to the diminutive designer (in height only) in sneaks, permanently changed my stance on the subject, with two feet planted firmly on the ground.


Above, from left:

1. Giuseppe Zanotti

2. Rick Owens

3. Comme des Garcons PLAY

4. Rick Owens

5. Toga Pulla

6. Jeremy Scott

7. Pierre Hardy

8. Valentino

9. MM6

10. Y3

11. Givenchy x Nike


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