Pearls Of Wisdom

Young British designer Simone Rocha has managed to do something that many, many fashion designers before her have not. She actually made pearls look cool. Really cool. Let’s just say that I’ve always liked pearls, but pretty much avoided wearing them because they just made me feel old and a little outdated (my apologies to Chanel, Mikimoto, Miriam Haskell, Kenneth Jay Lane, etc…).

The way Rocha worked pearls in her Spring 14 collection completely changed the way I saw them. Now, viewing them in a fresh, new light, I see that they are anything but old, or outdated. Oddly charming daisy-shaped clusters of lustrous white pearls outline the edges of her bags, gloves, dresses, collars, shoes and even on her strangely appealing grannie-esque nude knee-socks. Hey look! Even support-hose can be cool, once you add a few properly placed pearls to the equation.

On the runway, the lithe-necks of Rocha’s Mohawk-coiffed models nonchalantly sported layers of pearl chokers, putting to rest the idea that pearls are precious and old-fashioned to be worn exclusively by First Ladies and old ladies. Her unique mix of pretty and punk hit home. So now that my pearl-prejudice has finally been put to rest, I have a newfound need to adorn myself with these little globes of gorgeousness. I think I’ll start with that handbag…..


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  • Reply May 5, 2014

    Cynthia Varon

    I can not believe how much I love your collection!! It’s do Cynthia(me)!!!!! Keep going with these kinds of ideas!! Yay

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