NYFW • Monster Mash

When was the last time you saw a collection filled with Herman Munster shoes and ball bearing beading set in goth-inspired bat wing motifs? Only recently I’m guessing as Alexander Wang’s new fall 2015 collection seemed almost an open love-letter to that quirky all-American family, The Munsters. Not that I’m making fun of it, mind you. Quite the contrary. In fact, I absolutely adore The Munsters and their rather peculiar contribution to fashion. Leave it to Wang to capture the essence of Munster in a totally groovy, wearable manner that feels right for 2015.

I imagine myself perched on Wang’s enormous elevator-shoes gaining a solid 5 inches or so, strapped and tied-in to within an inch of my life. These Frankenboots are the perfect accompaniment to my black, black and more black wardrobe. Opting out of of flashy crystals and girly-swirly jewels, the shiny silver, ball-chain trim on everything from the socks to the perfectly edgy all-black looks (save for a couple of white fisherman knits and washed-out denims) seemed to breathe life into the dark shadow line-up. And of course, saving the best for last are Wang’s banging handbags. Backpacks, messengers, structured carry-alls, and my personal favorite, his structured round duffel.

If you’re this girl, Wang’s fall collection has all the markings of what you could consider totally timeless. Forever cool fashion. Vive la Munster!

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