NYFW • And The Boot Goes On

New York fashion week came and went amidst an unprecedented deep freeze accompanied by bouts of snow and break-your-neck iced over streets. But, who can be bothered by a ‘little’ weather unpleasantness when we’ve got some serious fashion business to take care of here in this great city of ours. Not us. Not New Yorkers.

While I can honestly say that I didn’t see a lot on the New York runways that set my frozen hair on fire (surely a missed opportunity), there were a lot of great accessories if you looked carefully enough. Sadly there were way too many that chose to reference Celine and Dries Van Noten and Prada along the way. As if no one would notice. On a more positive note though, here’s to the Fall 2015 Melting Pot of Fashion ideas and one of my favorite shoe trends of the season. The Over-the-Knee Boot.

Realized in every material possible, from Derek Lam 10 Crosby’s crushed velvet to Altuzarra’s lacy-lingerie topped stiletto boot, you’ll find something for every woman, for every day of the week. I love the clean, unbroken line a tall boot gives and the formality and sophistication of a beautifully dressed leg, and since we appear to be approaching another ice age, the possibility of added warmth and protection against the elements is clearly a bonus.

Whether the end result is sexy or sporty, if you’re going to achieve greatness in the Over-the-Knee Boot look, you better bring a pair of long, lithe limbs to this shoe game. Shorties need not apply (said the shorti-est of them all).


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