LFW: Granny’s Got A Brand New Bag

Simone Rocha, daughter of famed Ireland-based designer John Rocha and Britain’s current fashion darling, is having a moment. Rocha’s moment has been long coming too. Like her father, she shares a flair for the dramatic, yet the young Rocha is blessed with her own particular signature, what I like to call a refined ‘Granny Chic’ sensibility that she carefully balances on the edge of some truly modern garments. Her extraordinary abilities distinguishes her look from the rest of the fash-pack that continually relies on trends and a steady diet of one-upmanship. It’s clear that Rocha is telling her own story.

Voluminous, organic silhouettes in interesting, proprietary fabrics spin quite the fashion yarn with her odd, signature detailing and finishes that are always in full swing. Pearl chokers and trims wind their way through garments and necklines, flesh-hued socks with funky beaded trims mimic support hose and are paired with mannish oxfords and vintage looking mary-janes, some finished with clear lucite heels in a new baroque shape adding a bit of height. A new take on her nude shearling slipper gets an update with the new see-through heel and spaghetti-thin lace up straps.

Her granny-bags resemble vintage hat-boxes and sturdy top-handle styles that match their accompanying look. A full-on furry handbag with long, trailing hair reminds me of Cousin It. Granny’s new bag sure is cool.






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