LFW: Freak Like Me

Go ahead, bring on the freaks. All of ‘em. For Fall 2015, self-proclaimed freaky-deaky Brit shoe designer, Sophia Webster celebrated the inner odd-ball that lives within, colorfully coaxing the kooky right out into the open. In Webster’s world that cuckoo-for-cocoa-puff let’s her freak flag fly high in the sky, walking around in of course, Webster’s spectacular array of hyper-real shoes and handbags. Innocent bystanders beware! Sophia Webster takes no prisoners when it comes to showing off your true colors.

Set in a Piccadilly Circus inspired presentation during London Fashion Week, models were ‘dressed’ in typical Bauhaus-ballet inspired shapes accessorized with Webster’s signature message clutches (they literally spell if out for you) and shoes that are both wacked and wearable. To her credit this is not easy to achieve, but women designers have the distinct advantage of knowing what works and what doesn’t and just how much the female persuasion is willing to put up with to achieve our stylistic goals, however far-fetched they may be.

Her wonderfully weird line up includes water-colored fish-scale sequins, magnificently magnified butterfly wings, fetish-worthy lattice work boots, fuzzy, dangling pom-poms and faux-fur trims, sparkling leopard set in transparent black mesh and a kitsch collab with coca-cola that invites you to ‘Share a Coke with Sophia’. Swizzle-stick heels and candy-colored gems add tasty touches to Webster’s brilliant 360 degree design dimension.

What a Freak Show!




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