It’s A Draw

The concept of utilitarian design values the practical over the pretty. What is sensible, useful and considered ‘no-frills’ is the ideal, the raison d’etre. I’ve been told that since I’m a Sagittarius, I’m a practical person. While this may or may not be true, I am particularly drawn to one specific utilitarian element that pops up throughout the Resort 2017 Marni collection. The drawstring. I can’t explain why I find this interesting, but I can say that I’ve always found the use of common materials and trimmings mixed with the luxe really appealing. Marni in particular is one brand that champions the use of the poor with the posh. Maison Margiela is another. Marni’s mix of utility is polished and sporty, Margiela’s is raw and deliberately un-pretty. Two brands that contrast one another at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, each working utility in their own unique way.

But back to Marni. A common thread throughout the Resort collection is the use of a striped, corded drawstring with a sleek metallic toggle. It pulls together everything from shoes to handbags to necklines to sleeves to quirky knitted collars. This collection is kitted out with this stylized sporty detail.

While I’m loving the drawstrings on the clothing that allow the wearer to morph shape and volume, the new Parka Handbag is one of the stars of the collection. It might very well become the spring IT bag for ladies not into ‘lady bags.’ With it’s contrasting bi-color, butter soft leather exterior and roomy, backpacky-vibe finished with a contrasting drawstring center, I find it quite irresistible. Effortless and elegant in that sporty-spice way Marni so brilliantly captures.

And drawstrings on your shoes? Of course. Over several seasons Marni has evolved what began as a truly ugly-chic sneaker shoe into a fashion icon in the making. From flat to platform, in a range of color combos with zig-zag soles, the latest and greatest sneak morphs sport with fashion funk, giving us yet one more reason to splurge. Proceed with caution though, it’s very easy to get drawn in to Marni’s seductive, modern world.




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