Good Humor

If you’re a bit of a freak for trompe l’oeil design and double-take details like me, then you should get more than a kick out of Jeremy Scott’s irreverent mid-season collection for Moschino. Appropriately titled, Made To Measure, Scott riffs off of original founder Franco Moschino’s iconic, sarcastic sense of humor, pulling our fashionably fitted legs with clever double entendre that are clearly created to bring joy and wit to our everyday dress-up.

While we gear up for the biggie, fall that is, Mochino’s pre-fall line-up should delight and tempt those of us sick-to-death of our summer wardrobes and all those endless warm-weather sales (enough already!) with his traffic-stop yellow tape-measure strapped sandals and pumps, dangling dry-cleaning hanger earrings and handbags, and God forbid, a classic LBD bedeviled with the ultimate fashion disaster, a trio of strategically placed iron burn marks. Yes, a fashion faux-pas gone good.

Franco Moschino was beloved for his fashionable funny-bone. He took the seriousness out of style with his irrepressible surrealist wit, sometimes slapping fashion right in the kisser with his sassy slight of hand, but no matter, it was always in the name of fun and fabulousness. And thanks to Mr. Scott, the Moschino mayhem lives on.






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