Every once in a while Fashion takes a turn that leads you to a place where it’s not about the clothes or the bag or the shoe. Sometimes Fashion leads you down a path that you may or may not be ready to go down, but alas, if that particular circumstance should present itself, my suggestion is to follow it, even if it’s just to go along for the ride.

The Fall 2018 Gucci runway show (Cyborg) is one of those very circumstances, where the message becomes well, the message, so to speak and the merch takes a back seat. Pay attention because even though it might look like it at first glance, Alessandro Michele isn’t showing a collection of Seventies-referenced, glitter-coated, irreverently styled get-ups culled from an opium-induced dumpster dive into fashion randomness. That’s so not the message here.

Look beyond the endless parade of baseball logos, super-sized silhouettes, floor-dragging skirts, sparkly, dripping paste jewels, garment bag capes, Sikh turbans, balaclavas, Russian babushkas, Victoriana excess, Bowie bad-assery and of course, the kooky special effects presented en masse in a brightly lit, sterile-looking space staged as an operating theater. This is all well and good, but if you fine-tune your senses you’ll divine the real message, even without that well-planted third eye.

Once I got over the shock of baby dragons, severed heads and Lucha Libre moments and moved past the theatrics, what became strikingly clear to me was that Michele was giving voice to freaks the world over. You are welcome here! Wherever you come from, whatever your native tongue, your gender, your appearance,  your way of life; Gucci is a beacon for freaks everywhere. Rejoice! Celebrate! Show off all your glorious freaky-deakyness because life is short and we might as well live it on our own terms.

We live in tumultuous times right now and sadly the future is as unclear as it ever was. Michele’s message of inclusiveness, individuality, and freedom is a timely one, not to be taken lightly but with a full heart filled with joy, a liberated sense of self-expression and a sprinkle of fairy disco-dust for good measure.

We may not all be able to afford to live in Michele’s magical¬† (and moneyed) land of Gucci fabulousness, but surely we can and should live truthfully in our own skin, in a life of our own design.

Freaks unite!

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