Foot Fetish

Nancy MacDonnell’s latest book for ASSOULINE titled The Shoe Book is a virtual feast for the eyes (and feet) for women who love shoes, which would really include 99% of us, right? MacDonnell walks the reader through a fascinating journey on the history of footwear and all the cultural connotations each moment in time carries, because a shoe is never just a shoe. With stylish quotes to live by and inclusions from some of our most beloved contemporary cobblers including Manolo Blahnik, Bruno Frisoni, Christian Louboutin and Charlotte Olympia, The Shoe Book observes our ongoing centuries-long fascination with feet and what styles we choose to encase them in. From the strictly utilitarian to the strictly perverse, MacDonnell’s volume is rich with bold, beautiful imagery and information that will surely captivate the already chaussure-captive. Happy reading!


All images courtesy Assouline, from left to right:

1. Biba boots, 1968

2. The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonnell

3. Carmen Miranda, 1948

4. The Shoe Book

5. Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette

6. Chopine, 1600

7. Lady Gaga in Noritaka Tatehana platforms, 2011

8. Manolo Blahnik & Marilyn Monroe

9. English exhibition boot, 1889

10. Charlotte Olympia

11. Elsa Schiaparelli Shoe Hat, 1937


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