Dior A-Go-Go

Raf Simons first introduced the idea of the lean, mean fashion-machine print catsuit and shiny patent booties at the spring couture. If your budget doesn’t quite meet the standards of the average couture shopper, no need to worry because Simons carried on the Dior A-Go-Go right through his Fall 2015 ready-to-wear. Whew!! Catsuit-crisis averted!

Every look on his fall catwalk says Emma Peel to me, but then I’m no stranger to the charms of the original Avengers of the early sixties, and for whatever reason, she currently lives somewhere in the very recesses of my twisted fashion mind. Mrs. Peel’s uniform catsuit, mod A-line mini’s accessorized with long legs and sleek shiny boots thrilled me as a very young, impressionable little person. Ditto Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. What can I say? Everybody’s gotta start their style repertoire sometime.

And a special note to all the young fashion-fans who might be reading this now. If you don’t know who the hell Emma Peel is or have the faintest idea who Julie Newmar as Catwoman was, my advice to you is to do your due-diligence and google them. Now. It’s called fashion history. Get some. You can thank me later.

Fast-forward to 21st Century fashion made fab by one Mr. Raf Simons at the storied House of Dior and suddenly you have the sleekest, chicest ladies on the catwalk. Ever. Moving on to his near-fetish footwear, it’s hard to decide if black is best, or if one of his delightfully off-shades of seal grey or terracotta makes the grade. Mid-calf or thigh-high? Slick and yes, totally sick, the best part of Dior’s fall foot line-up is that heel. A thick lucite proposition in tonal or contrasting clear color. Oh, Mrs. Peel….they’re calling your name!

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