The show that everyone waits impatiently for each season is undoubtedly Prada. Her vision is singular, free and unstoppable. With each collection she brings us along for a ride on her particular whimsy, her momentary train of thought. As different and disparate as they all are, her Spring 2015 collection felt familiar but woven together in an entirely new way. The dirty, muddy Seventies colors were there, the mixed-up fabrications were there, and of course the clunky shoes and ladylike bags were there too.

Prada claims her goal for this collection was to ‘revive the beauty of incredible fabrics’ and to confront antiquity. While I can’t help but wonder how she views beauty, and what exactly antiquity means to her, I think she achieved her goals quite exquisitely, and as it played out, effortlessly as well. Even though my focus here is on the accessories, I always like to include the clothing for context, because no designer creates or selects those all-important accompaniments haphazardly. Design doesn’t happen in a vacuum and accessories complete the expression in full.

I must say that I adore Prada’s version of the clunky shoe. Always have, always will. The proportion is always right and it makes whatever you pair it with unforgivingly cool and of the moment. Bits of feminine floral brocades covers the body of the shoe or the heel and contrasts against wood, glossy leather, then finished with studs. The topstitched clog-like silhouette is perfect, or imperfect as the case may be, worn with odd silky knee-socks that look as though one pieced the bits together themselves. Old and new, rich and poor, pretty and ugly, that was the point.¬†This was Prada’s next chapter of luxurious abandon cautioned with a chic deshabille.




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