Just when you think you’ve seen it all, out of the creative ether appears a special someone and BAM!, your perceptions are forever altered. The special someone I’m referring to happens to be Marisol Suarez, Hair Designer & Creator of Studio Marisol in Paris, and boy does she have a way with the locks, be they real or faux. Especially the faux.

In the Surrealist tradition, Madame Suarez creates original works of art, turning something ordinary into something other-worldly, and at times mind-bending. Her spectacularly quirky braided crowns, caps, bonnets and pom-pom bouffants fly in the face of typical, wearable wigs and hats. Not for the shy, these beautiful, unique pieces have an organic feel, not only because they are handmade, but because they are works of living matter. Now, wrap your head around that.

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