Wedding Belles

Brit-design team, and current obsession of mine, Meadham Kirchhoff do not take fashion lightly, even if their collections are as quirky and light-hearted as can be. Equal measures of thirties tea dresses, Bowie-esque Glam Rock, romantic Goth and Japanese Harijuku girls all figure into their inspiration and looks, so basically prepare yourself for anything and everything.

Meadham Kirchhoff doesn’t design wedding dresses or for brides in mind, but if you’re a girl who likes the idea of seeing herself as a  pastelized glittery gothic princess, perhaps an exquisitely crafted look from this dream-design-duo would be up your style alley.

One of my favorite accessories that continues to pop up in their collections season after season are veils. Sheer chiffon veils edged in beautiful laces, worn like a Victorian shroud, over the face. Why? Who knows. I just know that the effect is so pretty and so startlingly mesmerizing that if  I was looking to accessorize say, a long chiffon mint-colored dress with a pair of psychedelic metallic leather de Havilland style boots, I would top it all off with a matching mint veil. Sound dreamy? Absolutely, but only if you dream big, in color and with loads of sparkle, Meadham Kirchhoff style.


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