Divine Intention

The word ‘headband’ has become synonymous with a generic band of satin or plastic covered in girlie-glitter or some other random gunk, plunked on one’s head mainly serving the utilitarian purpose of holding one’s hair out of the way. Dull as dishwater, am I right? If you’re searching for something that might make a bit more of a statement, then Ken Borochov might just be your guy.

Borochov’s MORDEKAI collection of gleaming gold and silver headbands, crowns and assorted jewels are not only looking to make a statement, but a big one. Just ask Gaga. Borochov has created many custom pieces for our lady of outre risk-taking. Crafting his pieces out of gold, brass, aircraft-grade aluminum, resin, leather and feathers, Borochov brings the fabulous back to the idea of wearing an accessory on your head.

Swirling butterflies, delicately bloomed roses held captive in high-shine metals or coatings of powdery pastel pink, dancing dragonflies and buzzing bees all add whimsical touches of nature to Borochov’s cool and cruel-chic pieces. Supersized studs, slithering serpents and chastity chains tough up the collection, just in case you started to think he’s nothing but a big softie.

So the next time you consider popping something on your noggin’, make it something fabulous, something worthy of the perch. Serve it up, a la Mordekai.


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