Under Her Wing

You would never guess that jeweler Cristina Ortiz created her pieces for a warrior woman, unless of course you share Ortiz’s vision of a post-modern, angelic spirit who balances her tender, fantastical self with her tough and tumble self. Delicate, winged rings, earrings and necklaces are dusted with tiny, sparkling diamonds emphasizing those glamorous flight of fancies she is wont to, but don’t be fooled, each piece comes with a decisively dangerous edge. Like Mother Nature who imagined the most beautiful creatures bearing fierce defense mechanisms, the Ortiz woman knows there is protection in a little peril.

My favorite piece from this collection is the Black Gold Wing Ring that envelops the finger from beneath, wrapping seductively around to the top of the finger, creating a mysterious transformation of the hand with sinuous diamond-encrusted plumage. Truly fine feathers.

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