Piece by Piece

The attraction of mosaics have held fascination for thousands of years with the first examples dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. That’s Iraq to you and me. Still holding sway, mosaic design continues to mesmerize. You see mosaics popping up in art, home, fashion and yes, even in fine jewelry. One young, talented jewelry designer Payal Shah, whose collection L’Dezen substitutes diamond slices, rose-cut diamonds and precious gemstones for worthless bits of shell, ceramic and polished glass has found a truly unique way to capture the spirit of mosaic, while making it spectacularly wearable and utterly gorgeous.

Inspired by the ‘interlinking irregular shapes of mosaic to combine one solid shape,’ Shah’s goal is to create a glass-like surface in each unique piece that gives you the look and feel of mosaic, but with the highest quality diamonds, metals and finishes. The incredible thing about the art of mosaic is it’s organic nature. The idea that a priceless piece of art or a pricey piece of fine jewelry becomes strikingly beautiful simply because it’s the opposite of uniformity, created by a series of fragments carefully placed together by some cosmic kismet is curious. Naturally our ‘eye’ goes to the symmetric and the structured, but when it comes to mosaic, somehow the off-kilter charm and rhythmic flow that lies at it’s heart captures our hearts every time.

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