One Ringy-Dingy…

Of course you can’t pick just one. That’s the point. So, what to do then? Follow Gucci’s lead on the highly eclectic, multi-mix ring mash up for fall (see June 9th’s post). Since runway photos can easily lead you down the wrong path if you’re not careful, I decided to consult my favorite vintage costume jewelry guru, the all-wise and all-knowing Carole Tanenbaum on the matter at hand. ”I have always been intrigued by rings worn on different fingers. They take on diverse personalities and are more of a fashion statement rather than a sentimental treasure. They become more fun and chic — the more the merrier! A vintage mix is both collectible and sophisticated. When I saw Gucci’s trend I was thrilled that rings are finally getting the attention they deserve. They are a true fashion statement.”

Having Tanenbaum’s blessing, I selected a few incredible examples from Carole’s vast collection (all the rings shown here are available for sale, by the way) of vintage rings that when worn together in a Gucci-like jumble of colors and motifs, will be sure to put you on point for that groovy, eccentric vibe Gucci’s new Creative Director Alessandro Michele has mastered so effortlessly.

If you’re not sure about piling them on, of course, you can wear just one, but ’1′, as they say, is the loneliest number. This isn’t the moment to dial it back to the safe setting. Two ringy-dingy, three ringy-dingy…..


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