Lions & Tigers & Bears. Oh My!

Nancy & Nadia Koch certainly have a ‘Nach’ for quirky jewels. Inspired by their family’s successful decades-old business in porcelain animal figurines, the Koch sisters are carrying on the family tradition in their own unique way, creating a new, inspired generation of collectibles. Working principally in the medium of handmade porcelain, the Nach Bijoux collection features a virtual jungle-book of characters from exotic birds, sea-life, cats and dogs both wild and domestic, creepy-crawly insects and just about any other furry friend you can imagine. Perch one of these adorable creatures on your fingers (their rings are a signature piece) and surely you’ll be hooked.

Based in Toulouse, the Nach Bijoux studio is a virtual treasure-trove for both animal and jewelry lovers alike. Their highly skilled artisans painstakingly create every piece by hand, each signed and registered, proving the Koch sisters seriousness when it comes to design, quality and a dedication to the art of jewelry-making.

As the concept of individualism becomes more and more mainstream, the constraints of displaying one’s personal stylish whimsies becomes less of a thing (unless you are in a tightly-controlled corporate universe, that is) and increasingly more free. What better way to show your passion for parrots or piggies, your love for lions or leopards or ladybugs? Nach Bijoux invites you to express your connection to the animal kingdom and the natural world around us that is so often overlooked and overshadowed by our busy urban existence. Go get em’ tiger!


•all images, Nach Bijoux

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