Heart of Gold

As an ACCESSOTEUR, I’ve always held the firm belief that there are two kinds of people in the world. You’re either a gold person, or you’re a silver person. I have always been attracted to the rich, warm tones of gold over the cool, hard-edged icy feel of silver. But that’s just me.

My preference for gold is hardly unusual. Throughout the centuries, entire societies of ancient people held gold in the highest esteem. Culturally, gold was the jam. Royalty, religious leaders, and rulers across the globe decorated themselves head to toe in it, stamped their likeness on it and were buried with stockpiles of it, just in case the afterlife got expensive.

As mysterious as our attraction is to gold, so is how it landed on earth in the first place. Shooting stars bursting into mythical meteors carried this precious cargo to our planet millions of years ago, long before man and woman called earth home.

Early civilizations celebrated gold’s inherent beauty and value. To this day we haven’t lost our desire to decorate ourselves with and invest in it, which leads me to Auvere, a new gold jewelry brand predicated on the concept that you can adorn yourself in something (22 and 24 karat gold jewelry) that is not only a brilliantly designed luxury product but also a solid investment. We might live in a beautiful house, ponder the art on our walls and build successful businesses, but rarely if ever do we get to wear our investments. Until now.

To be clear, I’m no financial whizz (I mean, have you seen my closet?) and I’m not about to launch into a long, drawn-out explanation on the in’s and out’s of investing. I’ll leave that to the experts. But it is worth mentioning that gold jewelry as an investment is kind of a genius idea.

Auvere is the brainchild of Steven Feldman, an ex-financier and current co-founder of GBI, LLC, an asset management company specializing in precious metals. Feldman’s desire to expand beyond the traditional methods of investing is not only innovative but also shows a desire to use his finance background in the creation of something aesthetically pleasing and worth coveting. After all, money might make the world go around, but beauty makes it worth the ride.

Feldman smartly enlisted his talented partner, Gina Love, to be his Creative Director and partner in the creation of Auvere. Several months back a mutual friend introduced me to Love and her brand new jewelry collection. One of the truly inspiring things about working in fashion is the opportunity to discover something unique, something special, and if it’s still under the radar, even better.

I was struck immediately by the fact that Love’s collections didn’t look like anything else I had seen before. Clean, architectural shapes rendered in gorgeous, gleaming 22 and 24 karat gold inspired by gold’s celestial origins was a powerful first foray into the daunting landscape of fine jewelry. And as someone who loves a nice gemstone or two, I realized I didn’t miss the bling. In fact, I found the pieces to be so well designed and perfectly pitched that the only thing lacking was that I wasn’t wearing them.

Love’s modernist approach to jewelry design is in line with other women designers, who use themselves and their close circle of friends as inspiration and sounding boards. “Would I wear this?” “Is the earring too heavy?” “Is the ring comfortable?” That’s the beauty of women designing for women. We understand that when we make a style purchase, we want to enjoy owning it and wearing it without restrictions.

I love that Auvere jewelry can be worn every day, yet still has the air of a major statement. Love’s supersized, graphic cuffs tell the story of a strong woman making big, bold style proclamations, accessories for a modern, warrior woman. Earrings and rings slice through space like virtual explanation point emojis. Clean, graphic pendants dangle from sensual, delicate chains, straddling the lines between sexy and serious. Auvere’s larger neckpieces command immediate attention, challenging the traditional status-quo of the classic status necklace.

Look closely at Auvere’s pieces, and you will see a connection to nature and the universe at large. Polished golden spheres serve as a metaphor for the sun, the moon, and the stars. Sharp, purposefully designed lines and graphic shapes represent lightning bolts and universal mathematical equations. Pointed edges and swirling forms protect and surround the wearer in definitive declarations that powerful women can and do wear their hearts on their sleeves, and fingers, and ears….

“The Auvere woman is defined by attitude and values. She is curious and confident. She wants to make her mark on the world. She loves jewelry. She cares about design. She wants to enhance her beauty — not overwhelm her presence with trendy looks that don’t reflect who she really is. She is enchanted by bold sculptural pieces. And she appreciates a good investment.” — Gina Love

The Auvere brand launched late last year with three intersecting collections – Celestial, Arignote and Sculptura. Each collection informs the next and can be seamlessly styled together for a look that invites playfulness and individuality. Skilled artisans in India and Asia handcraft every Auvere piece to Love’s precise specifications in beautiful polished or satin-finish 22 and 24 karat gold.

Auvere’s unique approach to fine jewelry is a benchmark moment in luxury accessories by giving women something precious with actual liquid value, while clearly acknowledging the definitive value in the artistry and design of each piece. And it’s high time too. In an industry filled with soulless knock-offs and new products dropping faster than we can count to ten, Auvere represents an important shift in why we buy what we buy and that what we buy should offer more than instant gratification.

But now that you can take it to the bank, would you really want to?


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