Good Luck

Discovering the spring 2015 jewelry collection from Lulu Frost is a little like unearthing a mysterious treasure chest ripe with centuries-old talismans. Symbols used for protection, longevity and everlasting love adorn ears, necks, wrists and fingers with charms and trinkets alluding to the melancholy soul of the Victorian, the passionate collector, and as Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer intended it, the ‘nomadic traveler’, who captures both the precious and un-precious memento along the way. Bestowing her collection with the moniker, “Flora Fauna”, Salzer carries the Frost tradition through with her “nod to natural and cultural history and referencing the past while evolving into the future.”

Iridescent-skinned and golden carved scarabs recall an Art Deco passion for the brief, yet beautiful Egyptian Revival movement. Chains organically twisted and jumbled with pearls, misplaced diamond rings and gilded safety pins feels like the million-dollar find from an antique junk box. Large curved claws with gilt edges brings a touch of tribal exoticism to the collection.

My favorites include the Signet Necklace, a collar made from a multitude of minimal, polished gold entwined signet rings, free of monogram or personal stamp. Perhaps this signifies the endless unknown or maybe that history is bound to repeat itself? I’ve also got my eye on the slightly macabre ‘lovers eye’ Oculus Earrings in the Georgian tradition of wearing tiny paintings of your lover’s eye. You just can’t look away.

Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I do believe in the gesture of symbols and cultivating your own personal traditions. Besides, a little ‘protection’ never hurt anyone, particularly if they look this good.




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