Give Me A Ring

I will readily admit that I have a long-standing fascination, if not all-out obsession with rings, so to say that I was delighted to see all the finger action going on at the recent Gucci shows (for both fall & resort) is putting it mildly. The payload of rings featured on both female and male models aren’t the minimal, mid-finger barely-there, how do they even stay on type of rings that are oh-so trendy of late. No, no. These rings are chunky, substantial antique-looking jewels worn in multiples, living together in a willful display of haphazard harmony chicness, representing the brand-spanking new quirky-cool look that is presently rocking the house of Gucci, courtesy of Alessandro Michele’s still fresh appointment as Creative Director. And just to set the record straight, this is a look I’ve been personally working now for well over a decade and let’s not even get started on the rhinestone cat-eyes. Maybe I am a Gucci girl after all……anyway, back to the rings.

I love that there are big bold paste stones surrounded by faux pearls, ethnic motifs and one large oversized iconic Gucci lion head. I love the worn-in, heirloom-looking metals and that there are two and sometimes three loaded up on one finger. I love that both boys and girls are getting in on the action. Would you share your rings with your honey? Debatable! But nonetheless, it’s food for thought and a new focus for costume jewelry in a refreshing turn towards the big, the bold and the beautiful!

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