From Russia With Love

Sometime last year I came across a very interesting embroidered headpiece from Russian accessory brand Masterpeace on Moda Operandi. Using the traditional Russian folk arts at her fingertips in her hometown of Moscow, designer Evgeniya Linovich created a new expression of current fashion trends with age-old beloved Russian techniques like golden embroidery, filigree, porcelain-making and enameling. What I love about Linovich’s pieces is that they don’t look like anything else, which is no easy feat these days in such an oversaturated fashion and accessories marketplace. Mixing vintage elements with fabrics, beads and metals is a signature of the collection, as is her stunning selection of headbands, tiaras and hair ornaments.

Heraldic medals, gilded crowns and collars stitched from golden threadwork tells her Fall 2014 story. A delightfully girly mix of fur pom-poms, floral enamel earrings and superlong pearl rows that drape and cascade over the body give a soft edge to the masculine military elements that run throughout this collection. Linovich regularly collaborates with fellow Russian designers to bring something unique and inspired to accessory hounds like myself, and if each Masterpeace wasn’t enough of a treat in itself, each accessory is packaged in a quirky interpretation of the classic Matryoshka doll.



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