What A Fake!

Who would ever have the nerve to accuse Miuccia Prada of faking fashion? Well, certainly not I…but in the case of her Fall 2015 Miu Miu collection, I would have to take exception. Just this once.

Miuccia’s barely legal-age models pretending to be sophisticated grown up society ladies in a vaguely retro Upper East kind of way! Well, I never!¬†Giant glittering diamante ear clips dangling from delicate lobes masquerading as priceless diamonds, aquamarines and tourmalines! Quelle Scandale! Proper lady bags covered in faux leopardskin with oversize plastique tortoise link straps! Can you imagine? Day-glo day coats cut from gleaming fake croc skins! She’s shedding crocodile tears!

All this suspicious activity could actually only be conceived by the genius behind Miu Miu & Prada. A genius that understands that fake can be fabulous (when it comes to diamonds and leopard-skins anyway) and that playing dress-up is crucial to getting through the day, although it does more good later in life when you realize that something as simple as a pair of glitter slingbacks is really all you need (well, that and a strong cocktail!) The genius that is Miuccia Prada is one that understands that women (of all ages!) need glamour, glitter and glorious accessories each and every day, even if a little fakery is involved. I’ll never tell, and neither will she.

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