Supermarket Sweep

Clearly Karl Lagerfeld lives in a rarified world. One where even his supermarche is truly super and filled with Chanel-logoed bottled water, toilet paper and couture quality produce. Like the Willy Wonka of fashion, Lagerfeld transforms dull trips to the grocery into the height of daily chore chic with the spectacular turn of his imagination. Why bother with an ordinary gallon of milk when you can snap up a carton of his Lait de Coco or a classic quilted Chanel bag shrink-wrapped for freshness in the butcher’s aisle, a real piece of red meat for the fashion crowd!

But it’s not just Monsieur Lagerfeld that has a particular fascination with the truly ordinary. Handbag designer, Anya Hindmarch marked her Fall 14 collection with a catwalk show titled ‘Counter Culture’ highlighting her current supers of the supermarket. Kellogg’s Coco Pops, McVities Biscuits and Daz Laundry Soap all morphed into bold, chic clutches, carried in multiples and embellished with giant swinging leather tassels. My favorite is her bright cobalt blue Ebury Maxi bag emblazoned with the giant, happy mug of  Mr. Tony the Tiger. They’re grrreat indeed!


Above, from left:

1-10. Chanel 

11-15. Anya Hindmarch

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