Multiple Personality Order

Italian handbag designer Elena Ghisellini’s Fall 2015 collection is filled with contradictions. A lover of pop-art inspired brights that practically vibrate with electricity, Ghisellini is also a die-hard fan of bold black and white. Supple, matte leathers compete for attention with bags adorned in lush fox and shaggy goat furs. Her long, leather boho fringes challenge strict corset-like stitches. Structured box bags versus soft shoulder sacs. Sexy, and buttoned-up. So then, what gives?

As a woman designing for women, Ghisellini knows that there are many facets to being a lady (her long, prestigious resume designing accessories for Ferragamo, Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy and Pucci prove it). Admittedly, we all have a little multiple personality order now and again. There are days when we long for sharp, sizzling color to bring out our happiest, joyful selves (check) and then there are other days when we find comfort in our ever-chic, ever-present black layers, shrouded in mystery (check check). Today we feel classic, tomorrow we become a fierce feline (don’t worry there’s a bag for that too, Ghisellini’s signature feline clutch).

Sounds like an un-win-able argument, right? Wrong. In Ghisellini’s world there is no right or wrong. Just fabulous. For her, the modern woman doesn’t need to choose. She can have it all, she can show her soft side and her tough side too. That’s what makes her human. Now, what makes her happy is another story. But my guess would be any one of Elena Ghisellini’s handbags would be a very good place to start.



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