A Brand New (Dries) Bag

In an alternate universe where Dries Van Noten chooses a profession other than fashion design, he surely would  become a painter, or at least I would like to think so. In a way that is truly individual and quite remarkable, Van Noten’s Spring 2015 collection has once again evoked that of a serious artist, and even though his medium is neither paint nor canvas, but cloth, beads, thread and skins, the exquisite collision of rich, dense color,  exotic pattern and  mashed-up textures that co-habitate in this collection is nothing short of spectacular.

In typical Van Noten vocab, the soft, anti-it bags are like the final brushstrokes on his collection. Each paired with contrasting, layered, masculine/feminine looks in an easy, nonchalant manner, even though his purses are cut from delicate jewel-tone silk brocades, embroideries and wild goat skins. I love the idea of carrying a quiet, but interesting handbag that looks more personal than any too-hot-to-handle logo’d extravaganza. That’s the beauty of Dries. Precious yet somehow weathered, evoking the spirit of another time while living unequivocally in the present, marrying the structure of menswear with the lightness of femininity defined and divined by the hand and eye of a true master.


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