It’s A Draw

The concept of utilitarian design values the practical over the pretty. What is sensible, useful and considered ‘no-frills’ is the ideal, the raison d’etre….


Good Fortuny

When serendipity hands you a gift on a silver platter, you accept it with gratitude and if you’re smart, the foresight to look beyond…

Red Valentino

Are We There Yet?

Yes, indeed we are. Yesterday was the first day back to reality after squeezing every last drop from the final moments of the Labor…

Ines Figaredo

Here’s Looking At You

One is not likely to say that Spanish handbag designer Ines Figaredo holds back. Her work clearly exhibits an outrageous sense of play and…


Turned On

With the flick of a switch or by simple sound activation, you too can trip the light fantastic with a bag that illuminates, glows…


Good Humor

If you’re a bit of a freak for trompe l’oeil design and double-take details like me, then you should get more than a kick…


Think Pink!

Elsa Schiaparelli was more than just a designer, a couturier, a dressmaker. Her unbelievable resume, if you will, spans decades of highly original creation…