So, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about mittens in June, and my answer for that is because sharks. That’s why. And besides, you’ll want to get a pair of these puppies before they’re gone and you have to knit your own. But hey, that’s kind of the point. I shall elaborate…

Those witty knitty’s at Wool and the Gang, if you’re not familiar have created a very unique way of consuming fashion, and in their case, knits. They design, knit and sell beautiful, sumptuous accessories and sweaters, but, and here’s the interesting part, every item they create is also available as a knit-kit, so if you’re crafty like that, you just DIY. Literally.

In a brilliant, down-home kind of way, these crazy kids have found a very unique way of adding value to fashion, and if you’re actually taking the time and care to make it yourself, doesn’t that in and of itself add some special sentiment to that piece? I certainly think so. And whether you’re knitting shark mittens or a beanie for your BFF, this is fashion that takes on new meaning and dimension. And really, shouldn’t the way in which you present yourself to the world take more thought than just tossing on another cheap whats-it from any fast-fash-tailer? Nod in agreement. Thank you.

For fall the wooly-wonderfuls of The Gang have upped their fashion game by collaborating with Brit-Wit-Wonder Christopher Raeburn who had a bit of a Great White theme winding its way through his collection. Sharks appeared throughout on sweaters (the designer wore his own shark-infested pullover for his post-show bow) and even popped up in the predatory form of a shark purse and yes, the cutest mittens of all time, these snarky sharky Bruce KnitMitts that dangled dangerously from models wrists.

May I suggest that you snap up a pair of these fin-tastic mitts now? Delay, and you just might get bitten by an unwelcome warning: Sold Out! Shark Attack!

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