All Tied Up & Everywhere To Go

Not since the 70′s have we seen such an interest in the silky neck-tie. Scarves of all kinds are not only a fashion statement now but also a necessity, for various weather and air conditioning needs. Unlike the scarves we currently possess, the slim, sleek, silky necktie is a breed that really has no particular function other than to look chic and bestow the wearer with a certain brand of modern yet sophisticated boho cool. It seems you can straddle both stylistic-lines with the silky necktie.

Case in point: Prada’s matte silk version in solid shades becomes a mere bold stroke against her kooky clash of vintage-odd ensembles for fall while Emilio Pucci’s foppish rock-and-roll neckties give a Jagger swagger to Peter Dundas’ glam-slam evening statement. Sacai’s school-girls secure their graphic silky print foulards with giant safety pins or through oversized loops on their demure white cotton shirts, another school of thought altogether.

Perhaps the silky neck-tie is the new statement necklace. Well, if you’ve tired of gems and jingly-janglies dangling from your collar-bone then a simple swath of silk may strike the perfect fancy for your fall fashion, whatever your style stripe may be.


Above, from left:

1-3  Prada

4&5  Emilio Pucci

6&7 Sacai

8. J.Crew

9. Givenchy


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