About Accessoteur

Juli Alvarez

What and who is an ‘Accessoteur’? 

I have long believed that accessories are the ingredients that make our personal style snap, crackle and pop. They are the tools of expression that make us look like who we really are. A classic girl carries an Hermes Birkin and wears jewelry from Tiffany. A hipster girl wears a mash-up of vintage, her boyfriend’s sweaters and Swedish Has-Beens. A lady wears Chanel suits, Manolo pumps and Verdura jewels. But subscribing to a particular tribe isn’t necessary because it’s your unique, individual Accessoteur-ism that makes you, you.

How you wear your jewelry. If your driving gloves are made of leather or tulle. Whether or not you mix your Marni with your Margiela, or if you prefer to go matchy-matchy. Accessories allow you to show your true colors, or if you prefer, your minimalist streak.

If you enjoy accessories half as much as I do, then I hope you will identify your inner Accessoteur and join me in the celebration and wonderment of the constant, revolving flow of innovative ideas and designs from the past, present and future and from some of the most brilliant thinkers and creative Accessoteurs in the world.

Yours, A.